How are you anticipating the celebration of the birth of Christ? How are you helping your children refocus and anticipate the Savior being born? If you need a resource, click on the link below for a free advent calendar with some great daily tips!


I don’t know about you, but our advent season snuck up on me! This past Sunday, we began our advent season – our preparation for the coming of Christ. This made me start to think about how I am preparing for the celebration of the birth of Christ. How can my heart and thoughts be centered upon the things that are Christ honoring and not just the busyness of the season and holiday events?

I stumbled upon this family resource that I thought would be a great option to share.  A little bit of personal preparation and some family activities to help children focus on Christ’s coming in this season. I hope you enjoy!

A couple weeks ago, a parent introduced me to this app that you want to be aware of in case it pops up on your child’s phone.

Calculator+ (seen at: is an app that looks just like the regular calculator app, but actually stores videos and photos secretly.

Why is this a concern? Sadly, as children get older, the enticement of being able to hide things grows. With that, grows a curiosity, which fueled by friends, can lead to images that cannot be unseen.

How does it work? When opened, a secret passcode is entered and the app becomes a photo library.

Personally, this app is concerning on many levels. As we think just in general of children hiding things from parents……is that something that we want to encourage? Then when you think of the content that could be hidden, but still accessible to children…..innocence is lost so easily these days.

So parents, beware! If you don’t already have a cell phone contract between you and your child, consider getting one. There are many samples on the web and I also have one I can share. Proactive vs. reactive is always best!


THREE days and counting! Are you ready?

We will have our church-wide fall kickoff on Sunday, September 4 after worship until 1:30 pm. Food trucks, water slides for the children, a ministry fair, and more are being planned for you and your family to come, bring friends and fellowship together. Please plan on coming! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Are you looking for a family devotion to kick off the school year? just posted a great one at:

“Back to School” Family Devotional

Check it out and start off the school year seeking Christ together!


Take a look at this….. off of Seth’s Blog last month.

We are all home schooled

Day after day, year after year, it’s the interactions we have at home that have the biggest impact on who we become.

Public school is an essential part of our culture. But the inputs and foundations that parents create are essential and they are truly difficult to outsource.

What would happen if you figured out how to spend two hours a day, every day, without electronics, with your kids? Looking them in the eye, being present, doing projects, setting standards, raising the bar, learning, seeing, hearing, connecting, challenging, questioning, being questioned…


What do you think? As you’re getting into the new rhythm of a new school year, what is your family time looking like?

having fun at volleyball -Emma E


learning how to shoot- Nichole M100_0922.JPG

Gods creation and reflection – Kelvin O100_0989

Trey and Jacob battle to the death in a game of gaga ball -Ellie P


The intense game of gaga ball- Quinn G


My dad is hard at work! -Elizabeth P