Are you looking for a family devotion to kick off the school year? just posted a great one at:

“Back to School” Family Devotional

Check it out and start off the school year seeking Christ together!


Take a look at this….. off of Seth’s Blog last month.

We are all home schooled

Day after day, year after year, it’s the interactions we have at home that have the biggest impact on who we become.

Public school is an essential part of our culture. But the inputs and foundations that parents create are essential and they are truly difficult to outsource.

What would happen if you figured out how to spend two hours a day, every day, without electronics, with your kids? Looking them in the eye, being present, doing projects, setting standards, raising the bar, learning, seeing, hearing, connecting, challenging, questioning, being questioned…


What do you think? As you’re getting into the new rhythm of a new school year, what is your family time looking like?

having fun at volleyball -Emma E


learning how to shoot- Nichole M100_0922.JPG

Gods creation and reflection – Kelvin O100_0989

Trey and Jacob battle to the death in a game of gaga ball -Ellie P


The intense game of gaga ball- Quinn G


My dad is hard at work! -Elizabeth P



In Christ the lord Jesus is our savior. Worshiping God in happy ways. 100_0906

There are beautiful trees, and nice air in Prescott. Lots of animals.



Bill catches a kick off. – Jordan L


Optimus Prime- JD




A place to think, and worship and sing to our creator. – Lacey W



Having a great time at hair and nails- Stacy H.



They all have fun dancing together. -Sheyanne N


We have a lot of memories of the swing. And in this picture it captures a moment of our memories. – Courtney H


Today I’ve seen people playing Gaga ball and people swinging on the swing as well. We also saw baby squirrels by the camp fire. -Allison J




There are many of God’s creations all over the camp ground. – Lauren L


This is our Chapel that we go to and you can see the forest around it and we also have a campfire some where. -Kathryn M


Everyday we face arrow temptations but we are over comers. -Ariyana J


My camp experience with the kids has been quite complete in all aspects. It’s a joy to see them make friends and work as a team. It’s quite blessing to see how they use their God given skills and talents in the different studies and art activities. It’s a healthy atmosphere where all kinds of emotions are poured out and dealt with.


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